Fiona & Mike

Fiona’s partner in life and work is her husband, Mike McLeish, who famously played Paul Keating in Keating! The Musical, and most recently toured the country starring in Georgy Girl: The Seekers Musical.

They met in a production of Six Degrees of Separation in Melbourne in 1998, where they were cast as boyfriend and girlfriend. Over the next couple of years, they were continually cast as a couple, so they eventually took the hint and had a crack at it in real life. Nearly twenty years later, they’re still acting like a real couple.

In 2012 Fiona and Mike decided to collaborate on their first writing project as a creative duo. They wrote and performed the hit comedy festival play, Plus One, together and enjoyed the experience so much that they decided to keep it up. Since then they have continued to collaborate on a range of different projects for stages and screens of all sizes including, most recently, their short-form comedy series The Drop Off starring themselves, star of stage and screen Christie Whelan Browne and Scott Edgar of Tripod fame.

Below is a selection of Fiona and Mike’s collaborative adventures.

Fiona Harris and Mike McLeish Reel

Plus One

Every group of friends has its little mysteries. Every couple has its no-so-little secrets. And everyone has to be someone’s…Plus One.