31 January 2022

Up on Mount Olympus, the divine Gods and Goddesses are not behaving as well as they should. Betrayal, revenge and murder are rife and Aphrodite and Hestia have had enough! they made a plan to creat eheir own version of the “perfect and happy” town down on Earth…but all in Sunnyville is not as wonderful as it appears.


“I assistant directed Fiona Harris’ Sunnyville in July 2019. Fiona’s writing is accessible, educational and relevant to the students who loved the original story. The community loved it too. Mike’s music and films complimented the writing and both Mike and Fiona were in constant contact with subject teachers, the principal and Performing Arts, coming in for rehearsals, teaching songs and directing. Rehearsals were consistent and informative, students learnt so much and loved being part of the experience. Their expertise in the field was clear and they are fantastic to work with.

I have also used a lot of Fiona’s other plays in secondary schools and recently many of her plays were used in a project only showing once scene excerpts. Her writing is creative funny and engaging for young people and I would read her scripts again.

As a Performing Arts teacher I could not have done the Sunnyville production alone. I highly recommend her as a writer, facilitator, producer, director and creator.”

Abi Wright

Prahran Secondary College

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