“The Drop-off and The Pick up are delightful, laugh-out-loud novels full of charm and warmth” Liane Moriarty

“Fiona is a rare professional who is able to be both creative and incredibly strategic at the same time. She understands people and what they like/want. Working with Fiona across a range of book and writing projects, I have always been impressed with her ability to fully understand project briefs and deliver above and beyond their scope.” Tash Besliev – Publisher, Affirm Press

“We had the great privilege/fortune/blessing from the Gods (and that is still probably understating it) of working with Fiona on a month long on-air and theatre production for The Christian O’Connell Show on Gold 104.3 FM.  Fiona not only wrote the fabulous and hilarious script for “Grouse the Musical” but she also took a cast of over 20 novices and created a safe, creative space for them to perform the show. She changed their lives and gave them a gift they’ll never forget. We’re in awe of Fiona and should you be lucky enough to get the chance to work with her, do not miss the opportunity.” Tom Martin – Executive Producer, Gold FM

“Fiona creates more than just words on a page, she has so much experience in the field that inevitably she creates a wave of engagement for those she works for, and with. If you’ve worked alongside Fiona, you’ll understand when I describe her as magnetic. If you haven’t, you’d probably be doing yourself a favour by finding out for yourself.” Mykel Rugers – Director: Lucky One Creative Co.

“Fiona is a brilliant and versatile writer who is creative and reliable. I highly recommend her for any writing or creative work.” Laura Sieveking – Publisher – Scholastic

“Fiona Harris helped me define my artistic career goals and how to achieve them. I entered our meeting feeling lost but left with a solid understanding of my next steps and the motivation to move forward. I highly recommend Fiona to anyone pursuing or considering a career in the arts but unsure of their direction.” Wade Duffin – Podcaster & Creative

“After discussing my project with Fiona, I had a fire lit under my butt. She directed me to resources that have been immensely helpful. Following our session, I’ve made significant progress on my writing project!” Claire Foster – Actor / Marketing & Communications

“I can offer my highest recommendation of Fiona. Not only is she wonderfully talented (with an absolute gift for humour and pathos), she’s also a delight to work with – open and responsive to feedback, incredibly dedicated and hardworking. She communicates beautifully throughout the creative process and her people skills are second to none.” Tegan Morrison – Publisher

“I would highly recommend Fiona. She is fast, reliable, trustworthy and most importantly, a brilliant writer who can easily adapt her work for different ages and demographics.” Emma Nolan – Publisher: Simon & Schuster Australia

“Meeting with Fiona was really helpful in getting the confidence I needed to actually start writing. She gave me tips on how to start, and the best environment for getting things done. It really made me think that if I want to do something, I should just go for it! I really enjoyed our meeting and what it taught me about the writing process.” Marshall Stott – University Student & Emerging Writer