24 August 2016

Fiona began teaching drama at Stage School Australia in 2013. The students she teachers range in age from 5 to 20 years old, and her drama classes use a variety of activities to develop spontaneity, imagination, focus, confidence, verbal, physicality. There is also an emphasis on vocal projection and clarity, acting techniques, text as the basis for characterisation, and physical staging. The drama classes at Stage School Australia are designed to harness student’s natural acting abilities and this integrated approach helps students develop these core skills. Students are actively encouraged to contribute ideas to the group, as well as be receptive to those contributed by others. Within this framework, Fiona works with students using a structured curriculum to develop performing skills and rehearse their performing pieces.

Fiona has also written a number of plays for Stage School Australia, which have been performed by thousands of students all over Melbourne for the past three years.

Fiona also regularly runs casting workshops and comedy workshops for the Talent Company of Australia – an arm of Stage School. In these workshops, student learn about casting techniques and on-camera skills, in a fun and professional environment.

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