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12 June 2024

About Me

Over the past eleven years, I’ve written thirty-six published books, and counting. From commercial fiction to memoirs, children’s books to sports biographies, I’ve developed a broad range of skills across multiple literary genres, collaborating with a diverse array of Australian publishers.

I’ve also written and consulted professionally for stage and screen. From hit sketch comedy shows on commercial broadcast channels to marquee dramas on the ABC, live comedy festival shows to internationally award-winning web series, I’ve developed a broad range of skills across multiple genres, collaborating with a diverse array of Australian producers, actors, and directors.


Do you have an idea that inspires you?

Well, now is as good a time as any to build on that inspiration, put a plan in place and turn your idea into a finished product.

Don’t put it off any longer!

In my sessions, you’ll learn to…

  • Learn to love the blank page (and that cheeky blinking cursor)
  • Move through writer’s block with purpose and positivity
  • Develop engaging characters and tell a compelling story
  • Look procrastination in the eye
  • Effectively manage your time
  • Discover techniques to stay motivated
  • Take the next best steps for your project



I grew up devouring books and dreaming of one day becoming a writer, but struggled to find any teachers or mentors to help turn my dreams into tangible skills.

After years of honing my craft, I now get to spend my days doing what I love, and as an established professional writer, I’ve become more driven to share my experience and expertise with anyone else who has been bitten by the writing bug.

No matter where you are in your journey, I can help nurture your passion and guide you towards your goals with tailored coaching and mentoring.

 Check out the types of sessions on offer below.

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Choose your session type

#1. The Kickstart

 You have a story inside you; a book, a memoir, a play or a TV series that you’ve always wanted to write. But you don’t know how to get started. The Kickstart coaching intensive will help bring your idea to life and set you on the path towards becoming a productive and happy writer.

The Kickstart coaching sessions explore the building blocks of writing a book or script, and how to apply them, providing you with a solid framework for your project. We’ll look at the elements of craft to bring your story to life and work towards developing a chapter outline or first draft, discuss your writing process, and any challenges, problems, or questions you’re facing. 

What you’ll get

  • Four one-hour online sessions where we will discuss the vision for your project, and any specific challenges and obstacles you are experiencing. Together we will develop effective techniques to tackle your writing process.
  • Reading and assessing up to 3000 words of your project.


What you’ll learn

  •  Basic writing tools 
  •  How to manage your time
  •  How to build your story structure
  •  How to keep your unique voice and point of view consistent
  •  How to kick procrastination to the curb
  •  How to stay motivated


Cost: $1,200


#2. Help, I’m Stuck!

You’ve made a start on a writing project but you’re finding it hard to stay engaged with your idea. You could be feeling blocked, overwhelmed, or stuck. Or maybe you’re easily distracted, procrastinate, or find yourself constantly losing confidence in your story or your own capacity for creativity? These are all very common problems for any writer, but I can help you face these challenges and move past them so you can finish your project, and make it the best it can possibly be.   

What you’ll learn

  • How to manage your time
  • How to build your story structure
  • How to beat procrastination
  • How to stay motivated
  • How to define your project, story, obstacles and genre
  • How to develop engaging characters


What you’ll get

  • Four one-hour online sessions
  • Reading and assessing your work – up to 5000 words
  • Edit of one chapter of your choosing


Cost: $1,500


#3. Staying the Course 

You’ve made significant progress and feel good about how your project is shaping up. The finish line is in sight but you’re starting to lose motivation, or you feel stuck with a particular element of your writing; maybe structure or character development. Or your motivation is waning and you need to refresh your time management skills or goal setting techniques.

Staying the Course will provide you with practical tools to identify what specific methods work for you, and which areas of your writing and process need attention and development. 

What you’ll get

  •  Four one-hour online sessions 
  •  Reading and assessing your work – up to 10K words.
  •  An edit of three chapters of your choosing


Cost: $1,800




“The Drop-off and The Pick up are delightful, laugh-out-loud novels full of charm and warmth” Liane Moriarty

“Fiona is a rare professional who is able to be both creative and incredibly strategic at the same time. She understands people and what they like/want. Working with Fiona across a range of book and writing projects, I have always been impressed with her ability to fully understand project briefs and deliver above and beyond their scope.” Tash Besliev – Publisher, Affirm Press

“We had the great privilege/fortune/blessing from the Gods (and that is still probably understating it) of working with Fiona on a month long on-air and theatre production for The Christian O’Connell Show on Gold 104.3 FM.  Fiona not only wrote the fabulous and hilarious script for “Grouse the Musical” but she also took a cast of over 20 novices and created a safe, creative space for them to perform the show. She changed their lives and gave them a gift they’ll never forget. We’re in awe of Fiona and should you be lucky enough to get the chance to work with her, do not miss the opportunity.” Tom Martin – Executive Producer, Gold FM

“Fiona creates more than just words on a page, she has so much experience in the field that inevitably she creates a wave of engagement for those she works for, and with. If you’ve worked alongside Fiona, you’ll understand when I describe her as magnetic. If you haven’t, you’d probably be doing yourself a favour by finding out for yourself.” Mykel Rugers – Director: Lucky One Creative Co.

“Fiona is a brilliant and versatile writer who is creative and reliable. I highly recommend her for any writing or creative work.” Laura Sieveking – Publisher – Scholastic

“Fiona Harris helped me define my artistic career goals and how to achieve them. I entered our meeting feeling lost but left with a solid understanding of my next steps and the motivation to move forward. I highly recommend Fiona to anyone pursuing or considering a career in the arts but unsure of their direction.” Wade Duffin – Podcaster & Creative

“After discussing my project with Fiona, I had a fire lit under my butt. She directed me to resources that have been immensely helpful. Following our session, I’ve made significant progress on my writing project!” Claire Foster – Actor / Marketing & Communications

“I can offer my highest recommendation of Fiona. Not only is she wonderfully talented (with an absolute gift for humour and pathos), she’s also a delight to work with – open and responsive to feedback, incredibly dedicated and hardworking. She communicates beautifully throughout the creative process and her people skills are second to none.” Tegan Morrison – Publisher

“I would highly recommend Fiona. She is fast, reliable, trustworthy and most importantly, a brilliant writer who can easily adapt her work for different ages and demographics.” Emma Nolan – Publisher: Simon & Schuster Australia

“Meeting with Fiona was really helpful in getting the confidence I needed to actually start writing. She gave me tips on how to start, and the best environment for getting things done. It really made me think that if I want to do something, I should just go for it! I really enjoyed our meeting and what it taught me about the writing process.” Marshall Stott – University Student & Emerging Writer



Frequently Asked Questions

    • How much does it cost?
      • Price varies according to session type.
    • How long does the coaching go for?
        • Each session goes for an hour.
    • Can I choose either phone call or Zoom? Can I have coaching in-person?
      • Zoom is preferable, but in-person coaching is an option depending on availability and distance.
    • Can I use your the service for as long as I need to?
      • Yes.
    •  What happens after the coaching program ends?
      • I offer a free 15-minute check in session at a time of your choosing
    • Can I book more sessions?
      • Of course!
    • Will I get published?
      • I can help you to improve your writing and your work process, as well as providing guidance and recommendations for submitting and pitching to publishers, but I cannot guarantee your work will be published.
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