You drop ’em off. You pick ’em up. You lose ’em at school camp.

Midwife Lizzie is flat out juggling four kids and an absent husband, newly divorced Sam is navigating the ‘delights’ of online dating, and single mum Megan is contemplating a slightly scandalous relationship. As if that wasn’t enough, this trio of friends has decided to embrace their inner parent helper and volunteer for the annual school camp. If they think their personal lives are chaotic, this camp is going to teach them what the word really means …

‘I was so sad to say goodbye to the parents of Baytree Primary when I finished The Drop-off, and I couldn’t wait to meet them again in The Pick-up.’ – Liane Moriarty

‘Hilarious and oh so relatable.’ – Toni Jordan

‘It’s real life, but way funnier.’ – Sammy J

‘Anything from these two supremely talented human beings is so welcome!’ – Julia Zemiro

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