No Apologies

Before Sharni Layton became an All-Australian AFLW star, she had an acclaimed and decorated career as a netballer. Dynamic, imposing, bold and a relentless perfectionist, Sharni gave netball everything she had.
In 2016 she was named ANZ Championship Player of the Year. By 2017 she’d triumphed in two World Cups with the Diamonds. In 2018, the Commonwealth Games beckoned. She was living the dream… except that her measly netball salary wasn’t enough to live on, the game’s cut-throat culture had eroded her confidence, and a career’s worth of suppressed anxiety finally boiled over, leading to a full-blown burnout.
No Apologies is the story of how Sharni the celebrated netballer, then Sharni the gun footballer, finally reconnected with Sharni the girl, the woman and the human being – a wonderfully imperfect, self-described bogan with an oddball sense of humour. This book is a candid, inspiring and hilarious account of how one woman bounced back from rock bottom – and gave herself permission to fly.
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