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I'm very excited to announce that Five Mile Publishing put out a press release this week with more info on my kids' book series that will be coming out next year! See below for an excerpt:   

Five Mile, the children’s imprint of the newly renamed Bonnier Publishing Australia, today unveils its new logo and announces a new series from a dream team of collaborators led by Sally Rippin. The Super Moopers series will be co-written by Rippin and triple-threat Fiona Harris (author, actor, TV writer) and illustrated by Scott Edgar, who many would know as Scod and one third of music comedy trio, Tripod. ‘After our first meeting is was clear that something special was about to happen,’ said Tash Besliev. ‘Sally and Fiona have created a cast of funny and loveable characters and Sally’s signature lightness of touch that works so well for younger readers and their parents blends beautifully with Fiona’s natural humour and talent for great dialogue.’ ‘Scott’s illustrations are incredible. With a nod to Seuss and hat-tip to Roger Hargreaves, Scott’s art style is overflowing with charm and personality. We can’t wait to introduce the marvellous adventures of the Super Moopers to the world!’ said Niki Horin. 

My husband, Mike McLeish, and I have also begun pre-production on our web series, The Drop Off, also due for release in 2017.